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Migration Assistance

Our expert migration team can move just about anything with your current host to a NullPoint package of your choice. We have professionals standing by to assist you in getting setup on our services quickly and easily.

  • Free cPanel Migrations
  • Free Quote for non cPanel Migrations
  • Minimal Downtime
  • 24/7 Support

Professional Quality

Rest easy knowing an expert is handling moving your website and/or email over to your new package. Let us handle your move so you can get straight back to business!

Files, databases, emails, etc.

We migrate it all. From your website to your emails, our migration team will grab everything off of your current hosting package, and set you up with your new NullPoint service.

Minimal Downtime

With professional migration assistance, you can expect minimal downtime in switching over to NullPoint services, meaning your back up in running in little to no time.

Free cPanel Migration Service


We offer migration services to move your current website to a Nullpoint package free of charge when moving from cPanel. Our professional migration team will handle everything for you so you can rest easy knowing your files are in good hands. With minimal downtime, you can be up and running in no time!


Paid Migration Service For Other Control Panels


For all other control panels, NullPoint Hosting provides a paid migration service handled by a professional team that will take care of moving your website, email, databases, and other files over to NullPoint services. Let our team help you get setup quickly and easily so you can get setup with no headache whatsoever!

Fast And Simple

A typical website can be moved in a couple of hours or less including emails, ftp files, and everything in between.

Get A Quote

We will do our best to to provide a rough estimate on migrating your services so you can review before moving to your new NullPoint package.


The paid migration service our professionals provide costs $30 an hour billed in 1 hour increments. This covers quality assurance on your migration as well.

Still have questions?

Contact us now to discuss migration plans or to receive a custom quote for moving over to NullPoint services.
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